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Become a KHP Real Estate Agent

We are a reputable Brokerage, offering the best commission plans in the area while not sacrificing personalized webinar training, coaching workshops, or 110% support from your Broker and Coach.
Our Brokerage strategy is to give each Agent freedom, support and opportunities that most Brokerages cannot offer.
If you’re wanting to open and grow your own business, KHP will support it.
Our Brokerage holds each Agent with the highest standard and we are always eager to meet new and experienced Agents who have the assertiveness to be successful.

• No franchise means no franchise fees;
• 80/20 split with no monthly or transaction fee (12k cap – earn 100% ex/ $225 trans. fee per transaction);
• 100% plan available – $199/mo., $475/trans;
• 100% Earned Homestead Program – Sell your homestead and earn 100% commission excluding $225 trans. fee (offered to ALL agents);
• No lease split (commercial and residential)
• Free E & O Insurance;
• Free use of company signs;
• Key box rental;
• Free 250 VP standard business cards or FREE 50 upgrade business cards;
• Transaction/document management;
• Vendor presentations available;
• Training – workshops, webinar training, vendor presentations, group training, individual training, contract and addendum updates, strategy assistance offered to all Agents;
• Broker and Training Coach mentorship for new/experienced Agents available;
• KHP is not a competitive Brokerage. Leads are rotated fairly;
• In-home webinar training gives Agents the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their home office;
• KHP Training Links available;
• Each new Agent receives a motivational paperback as part of their start up motivational workshop;
• Company Mascot and marketing tools are available for event rental;
• KHP Agents offer Clients incentives;


Want to Become a KHP Agent? Thank you for your interest in becoming a KHP Agent. For an interview, we invite you to complete the form below or contact Cindy Baker (Broker) by email at, or Tammy Steenburg (Coach) by email at You can also send a text to (832)443-0452.
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